Laserfiche® Voted Top Product of 2016


There are plenty of ECM and Electronic Document and Records Management Systems available on the market. Many are niche players but some offer a complete suite of enterprise-grade modules. A solid performer offers BPM (workflow and automation) engine, industry complient Records Management, mobile and off-line capability, and a broad range of capture and processing options. Laserfiche offers all of this. And does so with out the need for complex coding or “back-box” implementation. Much of the configuration is point’n’click and drang’n’drop, including the business process and web forms designer.

Many users agree. University Business recognised the quality of Laserfiche by awarding it Readers’ Choice “Top Product 2016”

Laserfiche enterprise content management software organizes digital documents and automates document-driven processes so that the right people have the right information at the right times.

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