A woman is working remote and mobile at home with Laserfiche. Her daughter is asking her a question.

The 3 Success Factors for Managing Remote Teams

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Whether you are embracing or enduring remote working, it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. We’ve drawn on over two decades of experience in implementing information systems for
organisations with dispersed teams, and have pulled out the factors that make for the most successful ones. Talk to us about remote and mobile working with Laserfiche®

Empower ECM Finance Laserfichea

Ben Birns Gives Talk for Award Winning System at Laserfiche Conference

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This month, Ingencia’s Ben Ernsten-Birns was invited to speak the annual Laserfiche conference for Laserfiche staff, resellers and customers in Long Beach, California. This is Ben’s eighth year working with Laserfiche, and the eighth conference he has attended. Ben delivered a 45-minute talk titled From Days to Mere Minutes: Maximising Efficiency by Transforming Business Processes […]

Laserfiche User Group

Laserfiche User Group for UK and Ireland

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This event is free and open to anyone interested in Laserfiche, not just existing customers! Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with work, tunnel vision prevents us from considering better solutions. Why not call upon your Laserfiche community for practical and impartial advice? Join us for a user group meeting in Leeds on Friday, September 9 […]

Laserfiche ECM Automates Financial Processes

From 10 Days to 18 Minutes – Laserfiche ECM Case Study

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We recently delivered a Laserfiche ® ECM business automation process for a national car leasing company. The efficiency increase was quite astounding and similar benefits can be experienced by your organisation. The primary goals were to improve customer service and sales, by removing removing physical paper from the process, and by automating slow or duplicated […]

Tracey and Her Bats

Bat Heroes Without Billions

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Recently Ingecia announced we are proudly supporting the Bat Conservation Trust who do research, outreach and much more for the UK’s native bat population. We support the charity, and now we’re supporting bat-people! “What is a bat-person?” you may ask. Do they dress like bats, and if so, do they fight crime or attend cosplay […]

Brown long-eared bat

Going Batty (For the Better)

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Bats. These ancient mammals aren’t just a horror movie trope. We’re calling bat-spoitation and doing our part to support the UK’s web-winged heroes for doing their part for our economy, ecosystem and comfort. Did you know all 18 UK bat species are insectivores? They are so good at pest control that the amount of insects […]


Laserfiche® Voted Top Product of 2016

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There are plenty of ECM and Electronic Document and Records Management Systems available on the market. Many are niche players but some offer a complete suite of enterprise-grade modules. A solid performer offers BPM (workflow and automation) engine, industry complient Records Management, mobile and off-line capability, and a broad range of capture and processing options. […]

Secret Spy Auditing Information

Be a Detective, Have Fun, Meet People and Audit Your Information

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When implementing a new Digital Transformation strategy or Electronic Document and Records Management system (EDRMS), be sure to completely understand the landscape of information you’re planning on transforming. Follow the paper-trail (electronic and physical,) listen to people, and take a lot of notes. I find projects are most successful when a consultant begins with a […]