Workflow Activity Suite for Laserfiche®

Extend Your Laserfiche® Workflows!

Five Activities and Counting...

List of Laserfiche Workflow Activities
Laserfiche Workflow Activity to Delete the Electronic Component of a Document

This simple activity has one task; it deleted the electronic component of a document entry in Laserfiche®.

Laserfiche Workflow Activity to Count Signatures
DOC Sigs

Verify the valid signatures in your documents. This activity will count the total number of signature lines, and signed signature lines, in a Word or Open XML document.

Laserfiche Workflow Activity to Compress Images
Image Crunch

Reclaim disk space by compressing, or down-scale the colour depth on any scanned image.
Also available as a stand-alone utility for to batch-convert images stored in Laserfiche®.

Laserfiche Workflow Activity to Convert PDF to TIFF

Generate images for your PDFs with this activity. The activity provides a number of basic and advanced options such as:

  • Export as TIFF, PNG or JPEG, uncompressed or compressed.
  • Generate images in colour, grey scale, or B&W.
  • Delete the PDF, set OCR options, and more!
Laserfiche Workflow Activity to Join PDFs
PDF Join

Concatenate two images, or two PDF documents, into a single PDF document, with this activity. Images will be automatically converted to PDF and re-indexed.

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