Laserfiche Avante and Rio

Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Rio are the core products of the Laserfiche ECM and EDRMS suite. Choose Avante for small to medium size business and Rio for an enterprise solution.

Imaging and Capture

We will supply the software and services to bulk process your paper records or capture daily and ad-hoc information. Laserfiche Quick Fields and Laserfiche Import Agent work with your existing scanners or multi-function-devices.

Mobile & Internet

Access you documents or approve an invoices from anywhere in the world. Laserfiche Mobile provides native functionality. Laserfiche Forms, Webbased client and Laserfiche Weblink provide responsive, browser-based access to your content and business processes.

Business Process Automation

Laserfiche Workflow enables you to map, model and manage your business processes to efficiently achieve your goals. It integrates out-of-the-box with Exchange, REST/SOAP, MS SQL, Oracle and many more enterprise applications.

Laserfiche Connector

Laserfiche Connector integrates Laserfiche directly with line-of-business applications—no coding required. Access and search documents, launch scanning, populate document metadata and perform other routine tasks directly within third-party systems.



Microsoft Dynamics

Other CRM & ERP systems

Laserfiche Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)

Create sophisticated custom solutions with the Laserfiche Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), a highly flexible and open programming interface. Build a tightly-connected information infrastructure with:

Pre-built merge modules for rapid integration

COM, .NET, and Java libraries in 32-bit and 64-bit

Extensive library of C# and VB.NET sample code

Batch importing engine

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Electronic Records Management, Cheque Processing, Invoice Processing, HR On-boarding Systems, Web Forms and more.

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Remote or On-site, Back-scan Projects, Business Data Migration, Process Mapping, Workflow Design & Development, Integration

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Hourly, Daily or Task Contracts, End-to-end Project Delivery, Consultation and Business Analysis, Technical Account Management, System Architecture

Laserfiche Gold and Platinum Solution Provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Laserfiche Platinum Level Solution Provider Laserfiche Platinum Level Solution Provider

Laserfiche Gold Level Solution Provider Laserfiche Gold Level Solution Provider

Ingencia is dedicated to Enterprise Content Management with over 20 years’ of Electronic Document and Records Management experience. W

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