Department-wide Implementation

Department-wide Implementation

Many HR processes are interrelated and touch multiple departments. By automating these processes, organizations experience efficiency throughout the entire enterprise. Many organizations have successfully implemented Laserfiche across HR.

  • Accelerate HR Approval
  • Automate HR
  • Streamline HR with e-Forms


Implementing Laserfiche in your HR department result in the following benefits:

  • Documents are approved in as little as five minutes. In the past, it took at least a day just to send the document to the main office from another site. The whole approval process often took a week or more—even if everyone was in the office.
  • Managers can log into Laserfiche on any given day and quickly see how many employees are traveling, where they are and when they’ll be back.
  • With Laserfiche, if someone needs to look at an employee file, They can access the information anywhere.
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