About Us

The go-to organisation for complex Enterprise Content Management solutions

How much more could your organisation achieve if all information flowed efficiently and automatically, end to end?

What would it do to your bottom line if, with no intervention, information was always at the fingertips of the people who need it?

At Ingencia, we take the answer to these questions and we help you achieve it.

Don’t be afraid to give us a BIG answer.

The bigger the better: we specialise in helping complex organisations automate and streamline their information processes. Many of our clients achieve efficiency improvements that they’d previously thought were impossible.

One of our clients reduced their customer enquiry to fulfilment time from 10 days to 18 minutes by implementing an automation process that we designed and installed.

If you think that your data management requirements are too complex, too challenging, have too much legacy to deal with, or if you’re desperately looking at expensive new systems to solve them…

…it’s time to call Ingencia.

Before you commission over-prices and difficult to maintain software, talk to us.

We are Digital Transformation and Document Management specialists, and we help companies to ditch the legacy systems, ditch the paper and ditch the data security breaches.

From digital forms capturing information at the customer input end, all the way through internal document management, secure digital signatures and invoicing, these are just a few processes we streamline. We implement best practice data governance and GDPR compliance at every stage.

Customers love speed and efficiency, and they reward it with positive reviews and repeat business.

That’s our starting point. We get a buzz from helping you give your customers that slick experience and watching you reap the rewards.

About Ben

Ben is the Managing Director of Ingencia. He is passionate about Electronic Document and Records Management and an expert in data migration. He is one of Laserfiche’s® most highly qualified solution providers in the UK and is in the top 10 world-wide. He teaches Lindy Hop in his spare time.

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